Sektionen för industriell ekonomi KTH presents
May 18, 2019

About Kravallen

Kravallen was started as an idea by Douglas Lundholm and Joakim Larsson at the chapter for Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH. The idea was brought from Linköping where Utekravallen had been organized for many years, and the thought that Stockholm should have something similar was what started Kravallen. In 2016, Maskinparken and a "mini-Summerburst" tailored for students were opened for the first time for 1500 students. This year it's happening again.

Project group

Julia och Lovisa - Project Leaders 👯‍
Peter - Head of Finance 💸
Johanna - Head of Lounge 🍾
Anders - Head of Security 👮🏼‍
Gustav och Daniel - Head of Area and Head of Logistics 🛠
Lydia - Head of Creativity 📸
Axel och Noa - Heads of Marketing 📲
Fuad - Head of the Kravalleri 👑