Sektionen för industriell ekonomi KTH presents
May 18, 2019

Thank you!

Big thank you to everyone who attended Kravallen and made the night so great!

Images and video from the night will be posted in the Kravallen Facebook event.

Map over the area


18:00-18:30 - WilliaM
18:30-20:00 - Platoon DJs
20:00-21:00 - Arc North
21:00-22:00 - Arman
22:00-23:15 - Carl von Fluck
23:15-00:30 - Manse
00:30-01:00 - WilliaM

Q&A Kravallen

Q: What is Kravallen?
A: Kravallen is a one-day festival organized by students from the Industrial Engineering and Management chapter at KTH!

Q: What does Kravallen mean?
A: "Kravall" is an old term from Linköping and means mandatory overall, but really just a student party.

Q: Can't I go if I don't have an overall?
A: Despite the name, overall is not mandatory on our Kravall. However, it is always fun to use the ovve, frack or polo if you have one!

Q: When are the tickets for Kravallen released?
A: The tickets have been released! Link to ticket purchase can be found at the top 🎉

Q: Music festival you say, who will perform?
A: See the set list above!

Q: Who can attend Kravallen?
A: Everyone above 18 years of age are welcome! No student card is needed.

Q: Will there be food at Kravallen?
A: Absolutely!