Sektionen för industriell ekonomi KTH presents
May 18, 2019

During the festival

Let's go! Here are some tips to get the most out of Kravallen:

  • Don't forget your ID!
  • Bring an extra shirt, it might get cold on the way
  • No wardrobe, so leave your large bags at home!
  • Download Steven!

Map over the area


18:00-18:30 - WilliaM
18:30-20:00 - Platoon DJs
20:00-21:00 - Arc North
21:00-22:00 - Arman
22:00-23:15 - Carl von Fluck
23:15-00:30 - Manse
00:30-01:00 - WilliaM

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Q&A Kravallen

Q: What is Kravallen?
A: Kravallen is a one-day festival organized by students from the Industrial Engineering and Management chapter at KTH!

Q: What does Kravallen mean?
A: "Kravall" is an old term from Linköping and means mandatory overall, but really just a student party.

Q: Can't I go if I don't have an overall?
A: Despite the name, overall is not mandatory on our Kravall. However, it is always fun to use the ovve, frack or polo if you have one!

Q: When are the tickets for Kravallen released?
A: The tickets have been released! Link to ticket purchase can be found at the top 🎉

Q: Music festival you say, who will perform?
A: See the set list above!

Q: Who can attend Kravallen?
A: Everyone above 18 years of age are welcome! No student card is needed.

Q: Will there be food at Kravallen?
A: Absolutely!